Price List

Processing Your Suri and Huacaya Alpaca Fiber Into Yarn and Finished Products

Based on weight of fiber in one lot. Minimum processing weight is 3lbs.

Effective February 2018

  • Sorting, Grading, Washing and Picking
  • Based on incoming weight. We wash all fiber and reserve the right to remove vegetable matter, second cuts and guard hair as necessary prior to washing.
  • Huacaya – $10/lb.
    Suri – $12/lb


  • Carding to roving or batts
  • Based on picked weight
  • Suri & Huacaya – $15/lb.
  • Pencil roving: +$4/lb.
  • 4-ply sport and 3-ply fingering: +$3/lb.


  • Carding, Spinning, Plying, and Skeining to Yarn
  • Based on picked weight. Plying is 2-ply standard. Skeining is by yardage or weight as requested. Lace, Fingering, Sport, DK and Worsted weights available.
  • Suri & Huacaya – $32 per lb..
  • 4-ply sport, 3-ply fingering & lace weight: $3.00/lb.
  • Cones: $1.50 each


  • Single Lot
  • Minimum charge starts at 3lbs., regardless of weight.


  • Dyeing
  • $27.50/lb. for fleece
    $30/lb. for handpaints
  • Please add 3 weeks for delivery. For fiber we process to roving or yarn, choose from a variety of colors using wash-fast acid dyes.


  • Specialty Yarns
  • $4/lb.
  • Fiber blending, tweeds and novelty yarns + add in material cost + 15%
  • Sock yarn (for further manufacturing) $3.00/lb. + add in material cost
  • Rug yarn w/cotton core $18.00/lb.
  • Pre-felts (100% alpaca)
    Huacaya $30/lb.
    Suri $35/lb.
  • Combining felt and silk: $35/lb. + cost of silk


  • Shipping
  • Any order of 20lbs.+ incoming weight will be shipped back at no charge (via UPS Ground).
  • Save shipping. Drop your fleece off at the mill, or shows we attend (check our Facebook page or call for info).


  • Original patterns for alpaca, retail or wholesale.
  • Call for pricing


  • Want us to do it all?
    Hand sorting required?
    Longer than 6” staple?
    We’ll do it all for an additional $25 per pound.