FAQs Fiber Processing

  • How clean should my fiber be to send it to you?
    Remove as much vegetable matter as you can. Take out any second cuts, toenails and poop. The cleaner your fleece, the better your yarn.
  • What can we do with all our fiber?
    We can make yarn from firsts and seconds, as well as core spun yarn and pre-felts with thirds. You will need to evaluate cost vs sell price to determine if processing thirds is cost effective for you.
  • Can I combine fleeces for better yield?
    Yes. In fact, we recommend it and will help you if needed!
  • What does the fiber separator do for me?
    It is used to improve uniformity by removing some of the highest micron fibers in your fleece. It cannot remove all of them. If your fleece is hairy, it will still be hairy.
  • Can I expect loss?
    Yes. You will have some loss at each step in the process. The amount varies based on any number of circumstances.
  • Can you match a color exactly?
    No. However, we will do our best to get as close as possible. If you send a color sample our chances improve greatly.
  • What is the difference between 2 and 3 ply?
    2-ply has two strands of yarn and 3-ply has three. The number of plys does not change the overall yarn size.
  • What is the difference between packaging by weight or by yardage?
    Most customers want to know how many yards are in a skein, as that is what many patterns call for. Pricing is usually done by weight (price per ounce). We provide both the yardage and the weight of every skein to you.