FAQs Finished Products

IMPORTANT: If you are planning on having finished products made, call before you send fiber or yarn. (615) 452-7852.

  • What guarantee do I have that my fiber will work for clothing?
    None. We will do our best to check the incoming fiber and make an assessment at that time. There is a huge difference between making yarn for hand work vs. machine work. The fiber and the yard has to be much more consistent.

  • Can you make items from yarn made somewhere else?
    Yes. However, it is trial and error, and there is a setup and testing charge for each yarn lot.
  • What size yarn is required?
    2/16nm or 3/16nm 10-12tpi

  • Does the yarn have to be alpaca?
    No. The yarn can be most any type, as long as it is the proper size and does not have noils or fibers that stick out of the yarn.

  • Can the clothing items be dyed?
    Yes. We can make dyed items or you can dye the finished product. If we make the yarn, we will dye the fiber before it is spun – this provides a more consistent color across the batch.

  • Can you match a color exactly?
    No. However, we will do our best to get as close as possible. If you send a color sample our chances improve greatly.

  • Can the yarn be a blend?
    Yes. The same conditions exist as above in regards to quality, size, and type of yarn.

  • Is grade 2 the neck fiber and grade 3 the belly & legs?
    No. Those are seconds and thirds, respectively. The grade has to do with the micron of the fiber. Grade 2 fibers are 20-22.9 micron, and grade 3 fibers are 23-25.9 micron.